Our range of wines


Recognise the profile of a wine at a glance on our labels.

1 to 4 stars on the label indicate the quality

1 starA fruity and fresh wine, suitable for any opportunity. Refreshing, light and salubrious with a moderate content of alcohol. Ideal for your daily consumption.
2 starsA formidable character with full flavour and bouquet and about 11.5% vol. of alcohol.
3 stars A great aroma density, rich bouquet and structure. A fine taste with a distinctive hint of fruit is the result of a reduced crop and a long storage in wooden barrels with the natural yeast.
4 starsA highly complex wine with a lot of extract and strong flavour. Full-bodied, oily in the glass and with an intensive colour and an extended shelf life. A special pleasure for special opportunities.

The "number" of a wine shows you the residual sugar (sweetness)

The residual sugar in grams per liter (g/l) on the label tells you about "how" dry the wine is. The bigger the number, the higher the sweetness.